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Celestial Soap Co.

About Us

Shea Butter Soaps

Our Philosophy

We believe in offering our customers completely natural products.  We also refuse to add animal products, including but not limited to: animal lard, goat or cow milk, etc., allowing us to provide animal-friendly products to our vegan shoppers. 
To achieve true all-natural soaps, only Essential Oils and Botanicals are used to fragrance our Shea Butter Soaps.  We believe that using synthetic, man-made fragrance oils leaves an end result that is no longer "all-natural". 


About Our Company

My name is Debbie Helbing, proud owner of Celestial Soap Co.  I started making soap in my kitchen, over three years ago, for my family.  In time I learned the differences between the different types of soap, the ways they are made, and the ingredients that can be used and their benefits.  This developed into a hobby, which turned into a career.  Formerly, Olde New England Botanicals, I started selling my soaps, as well as other bath & body products (which are sure to return!) over a year ago.  I have since moved out of the kitchen and into two work rooms in the basement of my home, one is used for the actual manufacturing of soap, and the other is 'The Labeling, Packaging & Mailing Room'! 
I take great satisfaction in cooking, hand cutting, and labeling my own soap for customers such as yourself.  Enjoy and if you have any questions, please contact me directly by E-Mail or telephone at 508-245-3668. 
Customer Feedback is always welcome!

Celestial Soap Co. * P.O. Box 270 * Auburn, MA * 01501 * 508-245-3668

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