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Celestial Soap Co.


Shea Butter Soaps



FORTUNA CANDLES - Homemade fine quality richly scented aromatic candles. Scented candles for those whom enjoy richly scented candles.


MYSTICAL WITCHERY CANDLES - We feature hand poured, highly scented soy candles that include jar, pillar and votive candles. Our candles are made much like the traditional ways of old.


NORTH WEST CANDLE SUPPLY - We offer a wide assortment of only the highest quality floating, pillar, glowing candles and more. Our candles offer hours of soothing light and calming fragrance.


SOY SCENTS BY JOAN - We offer a full line of soy based products including candles, lip balms and our own specially formulated soy lotion bar.


US CANDLE COMPANY - Our candles are available in a wide variety of highly concentrated fragrances and colors. Our candles will not lose their smell until all the wax is used up.


VERMONT MADE SCENTED CANDLES - Offering a quality selection of highly scented premium quality candles and accessories.



Celestial Soap Co. * P.O. Box 270 * Auburn, MA * 01501 * 508-245-3668