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Celestial Soap Co.


Shea Butter Soaps

BAGADOODLE - is a boutique that makes it easy to find that unique handmade bag and other fashion accessories like handcrafted jewelry, hats, scarves, belts, and even aprons. The site brings together diverse independent designers and offers a wide range of prices and styles.

HENRIETTA'S HANDBAGS - Handbags, unique purses and purse patterns in contemporary, retro, and whimsical designs for the creative woman at Henrietta's Handbags.


HOLLY'S CHRYSALIS FELTING - Hand crafted felted bags made in Hallowell, Maine.  These quality hand crafted bags will last a lifetime as well as provide a fashionable and functional alternative to "Made In China" store brand handbags.  Created from knitted wools and other decorative fibers.  Various color combinations are artistically blended on our one of a kind handbags.


Celestial Soap Co. * P.O. Box 270 * Auburn, MA * 01501 * 508-245-3668