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Celestial Soap Co.

Metaphysical Sites

Shea Butter Soaps



GODDESS GIFT SHOP - Huge selection of Wiccan, new age, and crystal items. Unique gifts from around the world. Pamper the goddess in you!


THE MAGICKAL CAT - A metaphysical shop located in Sudbury, MA that carries various jewelry, herbs, books, candles etc.


THE PAGAN PEDDLER - We offer a large selection of herbs & incense, gemstone runes, ritual tools, Pagan and Wiccan jewelry, and our own custom spell candles.


UNIO MYSTICA HEALING CENTER - Metaphysical Healing, Non-physical Healers & Advanced Spiritual Technologies are used to reclaim your birthright of perfect health, vitality and wholeness. This safe, effective alternative to conventional therapies really works.


WITCHES MAGICK - A Witchcraft and Wicca website with everything a witch could want!



Celestial Soap Co. * P.O. Box 270 * Auburn, MA * 01501 * 508-245-3668